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NW Portland Dentist, Dr. Forster Welcomes You!

Dr. Forster with a patient

Welcome to the new age of modern dentistry set in a relaxed and comfortable environment. It is our goal to help you maintain and improve your oral health in comfort. You will be treated to the latest advances in mercury-free dentistry by Dr. Andrew Forster.

Big Smiles at Hillside Dental at Bethany

Dental Office Amenities

  • Intraoral Cameras and Monitors
  • State of the Art Dental Equipment
  • Latest Dental Techniques
  • Lavender Scented Towels
  • Heated Neck Pillows & Blankets
  • Soothing Music
  • Massage Chairs

Please feel free to ask us for any of these
amenities at your next visit.

Improved Air Circulation and Cleaning

To ensure clean air free of virus particles, several air purification systems with HEPA filters constantly scrub the air.

Sterilization and Filtration is Environmentally Friendly

The sterilization station and filtration system provide a clean environment within the office without compromising the natural environment.

No Hazardous Chemicals and Low Radiation Exposure

Digital radiography reduces radiation exposure by 90% and eliminates hazardous chemicals altogether.

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