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Whitening Teeth in Portland Oregon

Whitening teeth at home works best!

Our experience with whitening teeth has shown that take-home whitening kits are the best option. We've found that our patients receive more predictable results when they take control of their own whitening treatment. You can self-regulate the process and stop the treatment whenever you're happy with the whiteness of your smile!

How whitening teeth at home works

You'll receive custom-made trays to provide multiple applications over-time at home. You'll have enough whitening gel for the entire course of the whitening treatment, and most likely enough left over for additional applications, as needed.

Why whitening teeth at home is economical

Whitening teeth at home means fewer visits to the dentist, and therefore, fewer dental bills!

What about Zoom whitening?

Some of our patients ask if we provide Zoom whitening, a treatment that whitens teeth in less than an hour, performed in a dental office. We don't recommend it because it's more expensive and it makes teeth sensitive to cold – neither of which is considered desirable by most of our patients.

Are you interested in getting fitted for your own teeth whitening custom trays? Please call Carlie or Kayla at 503-533-2330 to schedule your appointment now!