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Emergency Dental Treatment | Portland Oregon 97229

We feel your pain and offer same-day service for emergency dental treatment!

Time is set aside on a daily basis for emergency dental treatment for existing patients. If our office is closed, we'll make sure that a doctor is on call for your convenience. Office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, and Dr. Forster will come in on Saturdays if emergency dental treatment is required during the weekend.

"But I need help now!"

If you have pain or discomfort and need help right away, we'll help you get relief as soon as possible for any emergency dental treatment you might require by providing an anesthetic, if appropriate. Our staff is truly empathetic when it comes to your discomfort and will do everything possible to put you at ease.

"I was in extreme pain due to neglecting a cracked tooth and Dr. Forster was able to squeeze me in the day I called. He stopped the pain immediately and gave me medication to help alleviate the pain until I could have the tooth fixed."

Colleen Wright, a very happy patient!

Removing Problematic Teeth

A common emergency dental treatment we perform is a tooth extraction, which means a simple or surgical removal of a tooth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal therapy is a procedure used to save teeth that have been compromised by very, very deep cavities or trauma. The cavities and infected tissues in the tooth are cleaned out with antibacterial liquid, and as part of our emergency dental treatment, we place "gutta percha" fillings within the canals.

What's a "gutta percha" filling?

Gutta percha fillings are sterile, plastic materials that are secured with a sealer to prevent possible micro-leakage or re-infection. Root canal therapy can be completed in just one visit because the cleaning method is quicker by rotary handpieces.

Relief for sensitive teeth

Another benefit of gutta percha fillings is the relief they provide for those who have suffered from sensitive teeth. After placing gutta percha fillings, affected teeth will no longer be sensitive to temperature or sweets (which is not an excuse for you to consume more sugar!).


Another emergency dental treatment we provide is the application of crowns, which are highly esthetic restorations that cover the entire surface of a tooth. Here's what crowns provide:


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