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Dental Implants in Portland Oregon

What is a dental implant, anyway?

A dental implant is a replacement for a missing tooth surgically placed - or implanted - in the jaw, then covered over by a crown. This creates a permanent tooth and maintains the health of the surrounding teeth. While a fairly expensive procedure, a dental implant is highly beneficial as a long-term solution for a missing tooth.

If possible, go for the gold!

Gold is a great material to use for a crown that covers a dental implant. It requires less reduction of the tooth and is more durable than porcelain or metal (the latter of which we use as little as possible due to possible side effects). Ceramic needs to be more thickly applied and may break. Using gold also allows for a higher degree of accuracy in placement of the crown.

However, if you prefer natural-colored porcelain...

There are currently new materials being made out of porcelain that are promising to be more durable than has been available in the past. So if you select to have a dental implant, and you'd rather not have gold glinting off your smile, we're happy to provide you with a porcelain crown customized to match your natural tooth color.

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